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Our goal is to transform your home with style

Staging checklists

you will receive a complete list of the most critical ideas and methods that every home should know in order to maximize the sale of their property for homeowners who wish to make a few minor changes to their home before putting it on the market.


Walk and talk

we walk around your home together and discuss what changes are needed to get it ready for sale. you take notes and then put the suggestions into action 


Occupied staging service

This service is provided with a full introductory consultation so we can create a vision and strategy specifically crafted for what you’re looking for. This process has proven successful for many clients. 

We shop for you when it comes to accessories. If you need new accessories to give your home a fresh look, we provide a shopping service where we select accessories that complement your existing furnishings price point, and home style to give it a unified model home vibe. This is an optical service for either personalized home décor or occupied staging. 



Provide a general description of the items below and introduce the services you offer. Click on the text box to edit the content.

Full Staging 

Living room

Dining room

Kitchen Accessories

2bd & more, 1-2 baths

  Partial Staging  

Living room

Dining room

Kitchen Accessories

Ibd,1-2 baths

Luxury Staging

Living room

Kitchen Accessories

Dining room

3bd & more, 2-4 baths

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