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About Us



We are a certified home staging company based in Columbus, Ohio. We’re dedicated to enhancing and preparing homes for sale. We provide our service to investors, realtors, builders, and homeowners. We stage vacant, occupied, Airbnb, and model homes. What sets us apart from others is our unique approach. Every client and every home has unique wants and needs, and situations vary, and we take the time to listen and understand them and provide relevant solutions. Our services are accessible to anyone on any budget that fits their needs we also provide personalized home décor for homeowner occupant re-style.


Keza Styling's mission is to create an environment for our clients to flourish and reach their ultimate goals while maintaining a high-level service. our goal is to inspire and transform homes with style.



Her Story

Since I can remember, I have always had a passion for designing and decorating homes. I was that kid that
would redecorate her room a thousand times in effort to design a space that not only made me feel
good but also looked amazing. After I graduated from college we relocated and put our house on the
market. The house had been listed for months with no single offers, so I decided to go back and stage
the house, which sold within a week. I started my business because I know the value of staging and the
difference it can make in real estate market. My goal is to draw attention to a home’s outstanding
features so that they stand out right away, as well as to create a cozy, inviting ambiance that unleashes
a buyer’s creativity and significantly reduces the amount of guesswork involved in house buying. I enjoy
highlighting a location’s best features and showcasing what is possible.

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